How to Eliminate Blocks and Recall Scattered Energy


Your Spiritual Well-Being

The concept that everything is energy is something you probably first learned in your eighth grade science class. That means that you, the screen you’re reading this article on and even the chair you’re sitting in are made of energy. But, let’s focus on you and your energy field for a moment. Do you think that the thoughts you think, the words you say and the actions you take shape your energy? If you said “yes,” then you’d be correct. Like a magnet our personal energy can attract and repel. It can also be positive or negative. However, even if we’re positive most of the time, we still experience blocks and we can still feel as if our energy is scattered.

If you’re feeling like you’re attracting negative energy, or feeling blocked from positive things, an energy healing is in order. Sure, it would be great if you had an energy healer to assist you, but you can do the work on your own. There are tons of ways to clear blocked energy, but let’s keep it simple: Here are three ways to eliminate blocks and call back your scattered energy:

1. Raise Your Energetic Vibration
Life can get us down sometimes, leaving us feeling heavy and full of negative emotions—fear, regret, anxiety, guilt or hate. Those are low-frequency emotions. The bad news is that when we feel these emotions, [keep reading]

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