9 Ways to Regain Confidence


Never Lose It Again

Everyone experiences moments of doubt at certain times in their lives. However, if you consistently lack confidence in your ability to make good decisions, if you look to others to make decisions for you, and if you make their opinions matter more than your own, then it’s time to overcome self-doubt, regain self-confidence and start trusting yourself again. Here are nine ways to do it. After all, who knows more about what’s best for you than you? No one!

1. Don’t Overthink Things
Being decisive feels good because there’s no going over the what-ifs or the thousands of possibilities surrounding a certain subject. Think about where all those thoughts stem from, and then realize they’re only distracting you from the actual situation.

2. Make a Decision and Stick to It
Avoid explaining your situation to others and also stop asking their opinion. Save yourself time, anxiousness and confusion, and just make a decision on your own. If it turns out that you were wrong, own it and try something else. You’re never going to be perfectly right all the time—we all make mistakes. But what if you’re right? Then you just avoided a whole lot of nonsense and even better, you made a good decision without doubting yourself. Bravo.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others   
You’re a different person with your own needs, desires and [keep reading]

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