Guide to Love by Zodiac Sign…


The title says “Guide to Love by Zodiac Sign for Women,” but as the original author, I have to say that these guides to love could help anyone interested in knowing a little bit more about themselves and others.

There are three guides:

“Love Advice for Women” aka “Love Advice by Zodiac Sign,” “Traits of Men by Zodiac Sign” and “A Guide to Dating Men by Zodiac Sign.”

Here’s a link to all three Guides to Love.

If in the recent past you may have noticed that I wasn’t posting as often as usual, now you see why – I was busy playing Cupid via the keyboard.  As the Number One Universal Year takes hold, you’ll see that I’ve been working on other stuff as well.  So stay tuned for more content and maybe even some announcements to follow.  I appreciate all of my followers, glimpsers and even occasional peekers, so thank you for stopping by.  Ciao for now.



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