Your Money Horoscope: February 2017


The First Eclipses of 2017

The big news this month would be the two eclipses (because they always travel in pairs) that occur in February. The first eclipse is a Full Moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo on the 10th and the second is a New Moon solar eclipse on the 26th in the sign of Pisces. One thing to remember is that eclipses can hold unexpected and life-changing properties. Therefore, your money horoscope advises you to make every money decision this month a wise decision.

Also, lucky Jupiter will retrograde between now and June, which is actually a good thing, especially for finances, so expect good fortune. However, don’t get greedy or Jupiter’s luck may backfire on you. Now let’s see how the money horoscope for February 2017 will affect your Sun sign:


Venus and Mars will join Uranus in your Sun sign during February, making this a highly charged, impulsive time for you. However, it’s Jupiter’s interaction with Uranus (and Pluto) that will move you from thought to action around the time … [keep reading]

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