Your November Money Horoscope


Don’t Get Drastic With the Plastic

November is a big month for giving thanks and showing appreciation, but no one wants you to love them all the way to the poor house. In your November Money Horoscope, the stars warn to take heed and hold on tight when it comes to money. Happy-go-lucky Jupiter in lavish Libra will square with Pluto (the explosive surprise bringer) in practical Capricorn, giving you the “just in case” warning. Be conservative with funds. Use cash instead of your credit cards. Venus in Capricorn will help you make good financial choices.

November 25 is Black Friday, only to be followed by Cyber Monday. So if you’re shopping for yourself or for the upcoming holidays, being conservative and smart with your money shouldn’t be a huge problem. Also look at November 7 as a great day to get some advice from a moneyman/woman. However, on November 8 Neptune in retrograde may cloud the voter count, meaning a recount may be in order. Now let’s see what the November Money Horoscope has in store for your Sun sign:  [click here to read the November Money Horoscope for your Sun sign]

So sorry about the delay in posting … fortunately we’re only 4 days into November.  If you’re new to Artful Articles, first let me say “Thanks for stopping by.”  Also, I just wanted to mention that by clicking the link above, a new window will open up to the full article which is on the blog at, my article’s home.   Have a great day!  ~LJ



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