Old-Fashioned Halloween Tricks to Find Love


Halloween is a Love Holiday

As the nights get longer and colder, you’re probably in the mood for a little warmth by the fire—preferably with someone special to get cozy with. If you’re planning an All Hallows’ Eve with a romantic twist, set the mood by lighting a few pumpkins, gathering some sweet treats and libations, dressing as you like (Costumes are optional.) and telling the tale of Halloween’s more scandalous roots.

As most of us know, the roots around what we call Halloween today surround the time of the last harvest and a time when we honor our loved ones who have passed on. But where there is loss there is also the hope of new crops, new life and even new love ensuring the continuation of a culture or civilization. Not too many people realize the history and timeless connection between Halloween and romantic relationships.

Sweet Dreams

If you were originally from Scotland or Ireland, you might choose the time of the harvest to see a fortune teller to … [keep reading]

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