16 Quick Ways to Unplug, Wind Down and Recharge

after_burnout_20161015_600x385Recharging After a Burnout

Humans aren’t batteries. We can’t be replaced or recharged, simply by plugging us into an outlet. If you’ve fizzled out and if you’re feeling drained, you need to unplug in order to recharge. You could sleep for hours, read a book or take a hike on a mountain trail—just change your environment and do something that counteracts the effects of feeling drained. Here are 16 other options to try that will help you unplug, wind down and recharge whenever you need to.

1. Power Down. Your phone, computer and other tech devices keep you on high alert. There is always something to check or you’re anticipating the arrival of something to check. Power down for an hour, but a day or two is better. Turn off your toys and enjoy the quiet.
2. Eat Real Food. Even if it’s comfort food, focus on real ingredients. Make it yourself or ask a friend or loved one to make it. Real, homemade food feeds your body and your soul.
3. Get Plenty of Rest. Sleep to recharge. Put fresh sheets on your bed, fluff the pillows and close the blinds. And be sure to turn your alarm clock off and turn it around so you can’t see what time it is.
4. Drink Water. Water is essential to your life force. Stay hydrated all year to do what you need to do and feel better doing it. Water and energy go hand in hand.
5. Take a Hot Bath. Throw a little salt into the water to fizzle out any negativity. The steam will release … [click to keep reading]

There’s plenty more suggestions on breaking the burnout cycle in the rest of my article.  By clicking the link above (or here) you’ll open a new portal to the CaliforniaPsychics.com blog aka the home of my article.  Feel free to share/like/Pin/tweet – whatever your social heart desires – it all makes me happy, happy, happy, plus you’re sharing information that hopefully others will find helpful and uplifting.  Thanks for stopping by.  ~LJ


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