Mindfulness 101


Being Focused, Calm and Able to Carry on

Mindfulness is an innate concept—it comes naturally to us humans. And though it’s only something we can cultivate within ourselves, there are always people in our lives (teachers, parents, etc.) who remind us to be mindful as if it were something we were taught.

When we were young, we were told to be mindful of our actions or to mind someone’s authority (like a babysitter). Does anyone tell us what that means? No. But it’s said to us as if we already know what it means and we’re just being reminded, because mindfulness is an instinctive, intuitive state of awareness—a state of being. Even though there are a thousand things that may distract us, cloud our thinking or fill our minds, just the suggestion to be mindful can be enough to switch our minds into a place where all the cluttered thinking ceases and we’re able to just be in the moment.

Remind Me Again

According to a site called mindfulness.org, mindfulness is: “… the basic human ability to be … [click to keep reading]

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