Your August Money Horoscope


An Illuminating Month

There will be one Full and two New Moons affecting your September Money Horoscope—two of them will bring eclipses. One of the many things that eclipses bring us is an illumination or spotlight on certain areas of our lives. It can be a jarring experience, especially when it shines on finances, but eclipses are here to help us; whatever they change eventually winds up being beneficial.

In addition, the Sun moves into Libra, bringing the autumn equinox and a brand new season. And let’s not forget the end of Mercury Retrograde on the 21st. But the best and luckiest day of the year is September 25, when the bright Sun conjuncts the giver of gifts, Jupiter also in Libra. September overall will be a month full of Libran energy infusion, putting the emphasis on partnerships, help from others and fairness/justice. Now let’s see what’s happening for your Sun sign in your Money Horoscope:

[click here to read the August Money Horoscope for your Sun Sign]


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