Love Advice for the Leo Woman


Finding the Key to a Fulfilling Relationship That Stands the Test of Time

Who is the Leo Woman?

If you ever find yourself in a less than sunny mood, just call a Leo woman. She will be more than willing to share the warmth in her heart and lift your spirit. The Leo woman has a pure and simple approach to life, but her motives and emotions are often misunderstood. She loves attention, and she can be pretty focused when wanting things to go her way. This could be why she can sometimes rub some people the wrong way.

The truth about the Leo woman is that she is as radiant as the sun which is her sign’s ruler, and as warm as the fire which is her element. The Lioness is also more likely to purr than growl, except when all of the attention she’s getting does not come with the same respect she gives everyone who crosses her path. Above all, the Leo woman is a passionate creature … [keep reading Love Advice for the Leo Woman – click here]

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