Your August Money Horoscope


August is the month that promises to be somewhat of an astrological roller coaster with some cosmic highs and lows. For the most part, the spirit surrounding your August 2016 Money Horoscope is one of fun and excitement, but when it comes to finances, Venus and Mercury will be at odds with Saturn and Mars, especially on or around the 6th and 13th. Go over the fine print in contracts or agreements on the 14th, 24th and 25th, but sign them—if you must—before the 27th due to Mercury’s impending retrograde (August 30th through September 21st). More on that next month.

There are, of course, some awesome days in August as well. Ask the boss for a raise on the 10th. Shop and find great bargains on the 17th. Take note of two superb days—the 21st and 27th—when first Mercury and then Venus conjunct fortune-filled Jupiter, respectively.

Now let’s see what’s happening for your Sun sign in the August Money Horoscope:  [Click to keep reading …]

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