6 Ways Your Independence Is Attracting or Repelling the Opposite Sex

independence_attract_repel_20160720_600x385Hey there, Ms. Independent. You’ve probably been looking for that special guy–someone who finds your do-it-yourself attitude unique, exciting and—dare I say—sexy. But are you having much luck finding Mr. Right? It’s possible you’re just not picking the right guys to date. Maybe you’re not looking in the right places, or maybe you’re next level independence is a bit intimidating to the men you’re meeting. Give this some serious thought: is your independence attracting or repelling the opposite sex?

Is your independence attracting the opposite sex?

  • It’s all in the vibe you give off, the way you present yourself in an approachable manner. Body language says it all.
  • You’re confident. You have an air of assuredness about you, but it’s not snooty. You’re confidence allows you to be friendly and open to others.
  • You’ve got style. You’re obviously comfortable in your own skin, but you’re also accessible to others, and it blends so well with your confidence.
  • You’re capable. You have most everything you desire in life and you don’t have to depend on anyone else for your material or emotional needs, but you’re open to expanding your life to … [keep reading]

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