6 Ways to Deal With the Gloomy Pessimist in Your Life


Hi there Readers:  I’m re-running this post with a proper link to the original article.  If you’ve read what’s here so far (click here to read the rest) or if you haven’t, then go on a read and rest assured the link at the bottom has been updated.  Ooops and sorry ’bout that.

They’re Always So Negative

We all know someone like this: the bold and bossy person who always has a negative comment to share about someone or something. And their snide remarks aren’t always about a stranger. Sometimes, they’re directed at a close friend of family member—even you. If you’ve ever dealt with a negative, critical friend or family member, you know how draining these energy vampires can be. How do you deal with it? Why do you deal with the pessimist in your life?

But before you judge them, snub them or just totally scratch them of your list of friends or relations, there’s something you may want to know. It’s something that may make you view them a little differently. According to Psychology Today, “Negative people don’t feel respected and loved enough, and don’t feel sufficiently in control of their own life.” Giving love and respect to someone who’s always so negative is not an easy feat, and even if you feel compelled to try, they probably won’t make it easy. But if you find yourself in this position, take my advice and try these six tips to deal with them.

1. Don’t Engage in Arguments
Don’t argue with them unless you want to add fuel to the fire. If they’re already in a complaining, cynical mood, they won’t be able to process your point of view. They’ll just talk over you or ignore you altogether.

2. Be a Good Listener
Negative people usually feel powerless or unimportant. The next time they’re crying out for … [click here to read more …]*

*Clicking the link above will take you to my article’s home on the California Psychics’ blog – just sayin’ 🙂

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