Your March 2016 Money Horoscope: Life Changers

horoscope_money_20160302_300 (1)Unexpected and Life-Changing Events

The most notable astrological events in your March Horoscope are the first eclipses of 2016. The first is a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8 and the second is a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 23. Eclipses are said to bring about unexpected and life-changing events and each of these eclipses will affect different sun signs in different areas of life.

It’s a Pisces Kind of World

March 8 is an important day to circle in the March Money Horoscope, not just because of the solar eclipse in Pisces, but because on this day we will also experience what some astrologers call a “Crown of Stars.” It’s when five (or sometimes more) planets come together in one astrological sign—this time all in Pisces as well. With so many planets imbued with Piscean energy, you can bet that we’ll be in the midst of a flexible, fanciful and no-boundary kind of existence. In other words, the borders around some circumstances will be vague, and lines can be blurred and easily crossed. Here’s how this energy affects your sun sign … [click here to keep reading]

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