Your Winter Solstice Horoscope by Element

Osolstice_20151222_300ut of the Darkness and Into the Light

In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21, 2015 marks the official first day of winter and the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. What affects one sign in your element can affect all signs in your element during the Winter Solstice. Be sure to read everyone’s horoscope, whether your element is fire, earth, air or water, to see what’s possible for you.

Fire Signs: Warmth, closeness and comfort provide a solid home life.


The Winter Solstice won’t be chilly. In fact your world will be filled with warmth and maybe even a little romantic heat. Feel the pull of forward motion in your sign. It’s the beginning of a fast-moving winter. You’ll have little time to ponder, so if it feels right, just go for it.


December is an active month for you, Leo. So, when the shortest day of the year comes around, you may start to feel that staying in and cuddling up with loved ones is an inviting idea. However, if you choose to venture out, bring extra cash as you may also be in the mood to spend.


Thanks to the Full Moon in Cancer during the week of the Winter Solstice, money matters will be your focus. Fortunately, you seem to have more coming in than going out, or alternatively, … [keep reading]


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