Just Say No to Holiday Stress

holiday_stress_20151122_3008 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. Never in the history of humankind has there ever been anything we look forward to more or dread as much. That’s because even when we’re overwhelmed with lists of things to do, buy, prepare, and places to be, the one word we rarely use is no. We don’t like to disappoint the people we love, even at our own expense. But if everyone is feeling like you’re feeling (and believe me a lot of them are) then maybe it’s time to start a new holiday tradition where you just say no to holiday stress.

Life is busy and stressful enough on a daily basis, but then there are the holidays and the inevitable stress involved. It’s a time of heightened emotions, with less time to do more, and a time when your financial situation may be under intense focus. It’s also a time when time-consuming travel may come into the picture, giving you even less time than you thought you had. But you don’t have to be as stressed out as you usually are. Here are eight ways to say no to holiday stress!

Let Some Stuff Go

While you can’t let work go, there are some non-holiday things you can relinquish at least for a while. If you’re entertaining it’ll be your hospitality that people remember most, not your …. [read more]

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