5 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween This Year

halloween_20151022_300Though Halloween dates back many centuries over many ancient cultures, the reasons and the ways in which mainstream cultures celebrate Halloween today is a far cry from its origins. And while some people choose not to acknowledge Halloween, many others anticipate its arrival and make a huge deal about celebrating what’s now considered a holiday. In these modern times, Halloween is mostly about dressing up, collecting delicious treats and being with friends and family, and that’s why you should celebrate Halloween too. But if that’s not enough of a reason, here are five more reasons to trick-or-treat this year.

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This is a great time to bond with your kids and connect with them. Ask them why they want to dress up as a doctor or a fireman or a superhero. Celebrate their creative side and fire-up their imagination. Whether you make a project out of creating a costume or just buy one at the store, you may be inspiring the next big actor or actress, the next queen of crafting or perhaps a costume designer. Who knows, you may even be pleasantly surprised to see that they want to emulate you. Besides, can you remember the last time you and the kids took a walk around the neighborhood together?


When it comes to candy and goodies, you can teach kids the value of sharing by having them share their Halloween bounty with others. Sharing is a huge life lesson best learned early. Teach them about … [Keep Reading]

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