How to Use Your Own Energy to Attract Abundance

energy_20150927_300Is Your Energy Attracting or Repelling Abundance in Your Life?

Have you ever wished for love, money or just something wonderful to come into your life, but you haven’t seen results? If you’ve used the Law of Attraction but you haven’t been attracting anything but flies, you’re certainly not alone. Don’t worry though because you’re about to find out what ingredients have been missing from your manifestation recipe. You’ll also learn how to use your own energy to attract abundance, not just once, but for all time.

Blocks and Obstacles

Attracting abundance into your life has a few more ingredients than just wishing and hoping—although those are positive things to add. What you want to do first though is to eliminate the negative blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from manifesting your dreams. Those obstacles can include:

•Not being grateful for what you already have
•Harboring grudges against people
•Being unable to forgive
•Hanging on to old rivalries or resentments
•Wishing negative outcomes for people who have hurt you
•Surrounding your hopes and dreams with doubt that you’ll ever realize them
•Not feeling worthy enough … [keep reading]

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