Bella Luna 2: The Super Harvest Blood Moon Eclipse … in Aries

Super MoonPerigee – Proxigee Super Moon

As promised last month in Bella Luna: Decoding the Mystery and Magic of a Super Moon (and with no time to waste) here is my post on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries (which takes place tonight – Sunday, September 27th), which is also a Super Moon – or perigee Moon, meaning that it’s comes within 90 degrees of its closest approach to Earth. This particular perigee Moon is THE closest to Earth of all the 2015 Super Moons and therefore it is not only a perigee Moon – because it is the closest, we call this one a “proxigee” Moon.

Blood Moon – Harvest Moon

As one of my favorite sights,, put it, tonight’s Moon can be most simply called “The Super Blood Moon Eclipse.”  For those of you who are confused about all of these labels, let me add one more – this is also what we call in the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon gets its title because it is the closest full moon to the Autumn equinox (September 2015).

The Blood Moon title comes from the fact that “it [re]presents the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart. Phew!”  I let handle the technical side.  So, why is it “blood red”?  Well, we learned this in grammar school, but since this is one of those places where science meets religion on an even playing field, I’ll let the Wiccans take this:

According to, “We have not had a Super Blood Moon since 1982 and the next on will not appear int eh skies until 2033 [and] only five SuperMoon eclipses have taken place since 1900.”  Further they add, “The Moon will become encompassed in the Earth’s umbral shadow turning it a deep red for over an hour. The Sun, Earth and Moon will be in perfect alignment.”

This Moon holds a lot of different meanings to a lot of different religions, beliefs and individuals.  With all of my current knowledge of “other-wordly stuff,” as some say, coupled with a look at the scientific side and all of my research, there was one special religious happening of great significance that I did notice, and you can view on it CNN.  The Pope is giving his final mass of his U.S. visit today.  It’s a good vibe though – his energy is awesome; just a personal opinion.  I always prefer to look at the positive side of things and not read too much into some of the doomsday-type prophecies I touched on when looking to the meaning of this day.  Of course, this is my blog and that’s why I write about my view but I hope that I give all sides a fair shake – except the negative.  I just refuse to go there.

Energy, Astrology and the Moon in Aries

Aries is the sign in which we meet our Super Harvest Blood Moon Eclipse.  Aries a/k/a Mars (depending on if your preference is Roman or Greek mythology) is the warrior sign, it is also the zodiac sign whose ruling planet is Mars.  Aries sits at the top of the zodiac and so it always wants to be first or at the head of the line in all things.  But there’s more too it than that, especially since an eclipse is involved – remember, eclipses bring the unexpected and they often bring some life-changing event along for the ride.

Since I’m going all over to get the best info for your full and well-rounded knowledge, let me share with you something I found on

“We have been experiencing lunar eclipses in the Aries-Libra axis since October 18th 2013, roughly every 6 months. This will be the last and most powerful one. The Aries-Libra axis represents the polarity between the individual self and relationships. Aries is independent and bold, and makes decisions based on its own best interests. Libra is codependent and always considerate of relationships in its actions. It is the sign of partnerships, fairness, and equality.

“During this lunar eclipse, we are involved in a tug-of-war between these two signs. The North Node is on the Libra side of the fence, which emphasizes the challenge to be balanced, fair, equal, and considerate of our relationships when we act on our own interests. It is about moving forward in new ways that serve the evolution of our soul.”

I really couldn’t have explained it any better than that.

WIll I be Able to See the Eclipse?

Here’s a chart from that will explain when.  Follow this link to see where in the world you’ll most likely see it.

“When the Eclipse Happens Worldwide

Lunar eclipses look approximately the same all over the world and happen at the same time.

The times displayed are accurate to around 2-3 seconds.

Event UTC Time Time in Charlotte* Visible in Charlotte
Penumbral Eclipse begins Sep 28 at 12:11:47 AM Sep 27 at 8:11:47 PM Yes
Partial Eclipse begins Sep 28 at 1:07:13 AM Sep 27 at 9:07:13 PM Yes
Full Eclipse begins Sep 28 at 2:11:12 AM Sep 27 at 10:11:12 PM Yes
Maximum Eclipse Sep 28 at 2:47:09 AM Sep 27 at 10:47:09 PM Yes
Full Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 3:23:05 AM Sep 27 at 11:23:05 PM Yes
Partial Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 4:27:05 AM Sep 28 at 12:27:05 AM Yes
Penumbral Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 5:22:31 AM Sep 28 at 1:22:31 AM Yes

* The Moon is above the horizon during this eclipse, so with good weather conditions in Charlotte, the entire eclipse is visible.”

The chart uses Charlotte, NC as a reference because that is the closest big city to me.

I hope that you found this to be a well-rounded view of a very auspicious and multi-titled event.  See you outside!

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