3 Clues That You’re Single Because You’re Independent

too_independent_20150730_300Are You too Independent for Love?

Being in relationships can be a wonderful thing for some; for others it’s not at the top of their priority list. But if you’re looking for love and having difficulty finding it, it could be that you’re giving off the vibe that you’re too independent for a relationship, and you may not even realize it. And how is anyone to know which person you are—the one looking for love or the one who’s just fine on their own? You’ve got to let people know, because most people don’t read minds.

The best way to fix something is to find out why it’s not working in the first place. So, here are three clues that your independence may be killing your chances of finding love and having that great relationship. I’ve also included three ways to bust that dam wide open and start flooding your calendar with dates.  [READ MORE…]

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3 thoughts on “3 Clues That You’re Single Because You’re Independent

  1. I’m a little happy but wary about articles like these sometimes….On one hand, if we’re dependent we can be viewed as helpless or even clingy, or god-forbid “demanding”. But now we’re too independent, strong-willed..etc. Either way, we can’t win and that’s why women are single. I’m glad that at least women in this case are viewed as independent and self-sufficient, but to say that its too much and we need to tone it down…its just another blame game on women.

    • Hey There “The Girl”

      Thanks for reading my article (did you click through to read the whole thing?). As an “independent” myself, I find I’m guilty of trying to do it all myself sometimes – even when people offer to help. I feel there’s got to be a happy medium somewhere and each of us has to find our own “medium.” Truthfully, I get assigned most of these titles, including this one (some are pitches) so I have to be open-minded and do the research that goes with each idea. For me, writing this was an eye-opener, but I don’t expect everyone to relate. The site I write for has over 3 million readers worldwide, so it’s doubtful that I’m going to hit a note with everyone. Glad you stopped by to check it out. Thanks.

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