5 Things Men Should Handle On Their Own

women_wish_man_20150616_300Little Things Men Should Do That Mean A Lot

There’s an old saying that goes, “A man can work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.” No doubt it was penned by a woman, but who better to know all the little things women do that sometimes get taken for granted. And no doubt at one time or another we’ve all heard women lament about the things they wish men could handle on their own but don’t.

Let’s Take a Poll

I didn’t want to be biased in my research on this topic by relying on my own experiences or asking only women what they wish their men could handle on their own, so I asked men as well. Almost as expected, women came up with examples immediately, and even though I only asked for one example per person, women were often anxious to offer more. Then I asked men what they thought were things they could handle on their own but just don’t. Men were a little slower on the draw. Perhaps it was a stretch for men to view things from a woman’s perspective, but most pulled through and might I add, some even showed a hint of acknowledgement and even gratitude.

The Top 5 Hit List

Maybe some of these sound petty, but I picked the things that women wish men could handle on their own. These are the things men do over and over again and are therefore the most exasperating. Listen up men, because here’s what’s … [click here to read more]

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