Your February Money Horoscope

money-horoscope_20150201_300Mercury and Your Money Horoscope

Mercury turned retrograde on January 21 in the sign of Aquarius where it will continue its “backwards motion” until February 11. When it resumes “forward motion” it will still be in Aquarius, the sign associated with friends, groups and unexpected events.

The Changing Tide

On the 20th of February Venus (the love and money girl) and Mars (the action-oriented guy) will walk together out of intuitive Pisces and into Aries, the sign of swift action that is ruled by Mars. Watch how this affects your Sun Sign.

Will these cosmic travelers affect your February Money Horoscope? Absolutely. Can a heads-up help you navigate your personal cosmic path? Well, of course. That’s why it’s so important to read your February Money Horoscope!

Click Here to Read the February Money Horoscope for Your Sun Sign (on California Psychics’ Blog).

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