6 Ways to be More Empathic

Ways-Become-Empathic-300Empathy: How to Take Sensitivity to the Next Level

First, there’s a difference between being empathetic and being empathic. An empathetic person is someone who can sympathize with someone’s feelings. An empathic person not only experiences that empathy, but they’ll also feel someone’s feelings as if they were their own. Like most things in life, being an empath can be both rewarding and at times difficult, but a true empath’s heart always leads them to help others and therefore they’re usually searching for ways to increase their abilities. Here are 6 ways to become more empathic and enhance this gift so you can center your energy and even share your gift with others: Trust What You’re Feeling An empath should learn to trust the thoughts and feelings that come their way even if they don’t completely make sense right away. Eventually, a seemingly innocuous word or odd feeling will make sense. It’s like having that “Ah-Ha moment.” Letting the feelings flow freely always leads you to the answer. This practice is like bodybuilding—you build strength as you learn to trust the process and practice it. Trusting your feelings builds your psychic confidence and makes you a better empath. Find Time for Quiet Meditation Meditation, as in sitting in the lotus position, is great if you can do it, but it doesn’t always come easily to everyone, even the psychically in-tune. But just having a little … [click here to keep reading].

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