Folly Beach, Charleston, SC

I’m so happy to be back in SC I just had to revisit these photos of Folly Beach. It’s hours away, but I’ll get there again.

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Beach House Dunes

I took an overnight road trip with two of my long-time friends. We went to downtown Charleston and enjoyed a lot of things like the vendor market, visiting stores, eating crab cakes and a detour (in cloudy, rainy weather just before sunset) to Folly Beach which is part of Charleston, but about a 15-minute ride from the edge of downtown. I just read on that it is the loggerhead turtle nesting place. Too bad we missed the turtles, maybe next time. Despite the ominous weather, we had a blast and we found some “beach flowers” that were absolutely gorgeous – flowers I’ve never seen before.

Sand Flowers Duo

Sand Dune Floral

Pier at Folly Beach

Paw Prints in Sand

Multi Bouquets

Incoming Tide Folly Beach

Incoming Tide 3 Folly Beach


Burst Flowerbouquet

Beach Houses

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2 thoughts on “Folly Beach, Charleston, SC

    • Thank you – that means a lot coming from you; you’re super talented. Folly Beach is a magical kind of place – not much to see, but so much beneath the surface. It has personality.

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