Your-September-Money-Horoscope-150Your  Money Horoscope: Luck and Unexpected Events

One of the best days in the September Money Horoscope is September 25 when expansive Jupiter forms a perfect angle to unpredictable Uranus. With that combination backed by their current position in fire signs, opportunities to cash in can come from the most unexpected places, according to your Money Horoscope.

Venus in Virgo will cause us all to sit up and take notice of spending vs. security. The truth isn’t always pretty, but it’s enlightening. Venus ends September in balancing Libra, bringing to mind that famous saying, “The truth will set you free.” Financially speaking, this is the month that helps you feel like you can conquer anything.

Here is the September Money Horoscope for your Sun Sign (and your Rising Sign too, if you know it).


Venus moves into your sixth house of work and reputation on the 5th. Somehow the pressure cooker you’ve been in seems to be easing up, allowing you to escape into a new attitude towards money and gain through promotion. You’ll get backing from others near the 14th. You’re moving on up!


The big news in your Money Horoscope is fiery Mars entering fiery Sagittarius on the 13th, lighting up your house of shared resources. Tempers may flare over a financial matter that involves others. If you avoid holding money discussions in a china shop, the results will be more positive and there will be less to clean up afterwards.


Venus rests in your house of home for most of September and that means that your money focus is centered on your living space. If you’d like to work from home—even part-time—this would be the perfect month to set up your office for a successful start.


Venus helps you get organized in your Money Horoscope—a far cry from last month’s influence on … [Click to keep reading]

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