Your August Money Horoscope: The Bottomless Wallet

August-Money-Horoscope-200Luxury Seems Like a Necessity in Your Money Horoscope

Expansive, magnetic Jupiter is on fire this month, having just moved into the sign of Leo. In Leo, Jupiter reminds the other planets that it’s the leader of the universe (just don’t tell the Sun). Your August Money Horoscope kicks off on August 1 when Jupiter squares with Mars, urging you to spend, spend and spend. Mid-month, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Leo, making luxury seem like a necessity.

There’s plenty more going on in your August Money Horoscope, but the message overall is to pump the brakes when it comes to over-indulging. Go for quality over quantity.

[Click Here:  Here is your August Money Horoscope for your Sun Sign (and your Rising Sign too, if you know it).]

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