Advice for Those Who’ve Never Been in a Romantic Relationship



Don’t Give Up on Having a Romantic Relationship!

Whether they’re in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or older, some people have never been in a romantic relationship. And if you’re one of them, chances are you feel like the older your get, the harder it’s going to be to find and keep love. If you’re single and feeling lonely and would like to have someone special in your life, then you need to figure out what’s been holding you back from finding lasting love. It’s time to do things a little differently.

This may seem simple, but in order to find a romantic relationship, you can’t give up on love. Rather, you have to be actively looking for it. tells us that women tend to put more effort into buying a new pair of shoes than they put into finding a romantic relationship. It’s shocking to think, but it actually makes sense and it’s probably why you’re still single. Your first step in finding a romantic relationship is to commit to finding love.

Bringing the Inside Out

Maybe you’ve never been in a relationship because you don’t feel like you have much to offer. That’s not true. Each of us is special in our own unique way and if you show the world who you are on the inside, you will eventually meet someone who thinks you’re pretty special.


If you’re shy, it isn’t easy for you to strike up conversations with strangers. Shyness is actually endearing. But you do know how to … [click here to keep reading]

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