Your Solar Eclipse Horoscope

Solar-Eclipse-Horoscope-Sun-Sign-200What Does Your Solar Eclipse Horoscope Reveal?

Eclipses travel in pairs. Following the lunar eclipse that brought conclusion and resolution to our lives, we now must welcome the New Moon solar eclipse which marks the beginning of a new chapter and a new way of being that will be put in place to last for some time to come.

April is shaking up a super astrological cocktail of lunar and solar eclipses; a grand trine in water signs (planets aligned in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces); a cardinal cross—four influential planets situated in the four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn); and another chapter in the ongoing sequence of Uranus-Pluto squares. The combined energy of the eclipse and the cardinal cross alone make for one directed, impulsive and unpredictable universal clearinghouse.

A New Way of Being

Get ready to experience changes in whichever part of your Sun Sign chart this solar eclipse takes place. A New Moon solar eclipse is a portal to a new way of being. It’s a new chapter in your life and thanks to Taurus being the host of the eclipse, it all gets done with some soothing Venusian energy, Taurus’ ruling planet. So let’s see what your Sun Sign has in store during the solar eclipse. Here’s your Solar Eclipse Horoscope!


As part of the cardinal cross and also the Uranus-Pluto square, this month has had its challenges. This eclipse falls in your house of money in and money out. You may buy something big and/or expensive or you may be working towards a raise. Snags may happen, but you’ve got this. Just stay focused.


You are the host of this solar eclipse and as stubborn as you may sometimes be, the universe is requiring that you simply go with the inevitable flow because there’s no stopping the changes going on around you. If you embrace and accept the process, eventually you’ll see how life begins to change for the best.


This solar eclipse will pale in comparison to this month’s lunar eclipse for … [click to keep reading this article]

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