Preview Your April Horoscope

Your April Horoscope: Zodiac Upheaval

While this is a preview of your April Horoscope, it’s more like a preview of history in the making. There are serious changes and shifts taking place in our universe, our horoscopes and in lives.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it can also be wonderful—sometimes all at the same time. But one thing’s for sure, change is always inevitable because nothing stays the same forever. This month we get a dose of change that comes in many forms. In April we have:

• A lunar eclipse in Libra
• A solar eclipse in Taurus
• The fifth in a series of seven Uranus-Pluto squares
• Another round of a Grand Cardinal Cross

Globally and personally, there is no denying that we are in the midst of a changing world. The major players of your April Horoscope will be:

• Uranus, planet of unpredictability, in Aries
• Pluto, planet of transformation, in Capricorn
• Jupiter, planet of good fortune and expansion, in Cancer
• Mars, planet of action and power, in Libra

That’s a lot of energy and it’s all in cardinal signs that signal new beginnings. Also, we should not forget the eclipses that always usher in life-altering events that can be felt when they occur or sometimes a month later. So it bears repeating that April is going to be one active astrological month, bringing changes to our personal worlds and the world as a whole.

Advice for Every Sign:

Easy does it. Don’t put the cart before the horse. If something is puzzling you and causing you to act or react, or if something becomes almost obsessive in your mind, take a step back before moving forward. Don’t gloss over the details. Question your own motives before you question other’s motives. Ask yourself “why” and proceed only when you arrive at a comfortable answer.

Now let’s preview your April Horoscope and get a glimpse into your changing world …[click here to read the April Horoscope for your Sun Sign and Rising Sign.]

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