Are You Settling in Love?

Are-You-Settling-200Are You Dumbing-Down Your Relationship Requirements and Settling?

Are you selling yourself short, dumbing-down your desires or just settling for what’s available right now? Do you find yourself doubting, feeling unsure or perhaps even knowingly taking a certain relationship route that’s not in line with your heart’s desire? If so, then you’re settling on a relationship that’s not tapping into your deepest relationship needs. So then the question becomes, “Why are you settling?”

Get to the root of why you’re settling with a revealing, heart-healing reading from Psychic Winter ext. 9002. 

Am I Settling?

If you’re settling, don’t be so hard on yourself; we all settle to some degree in varying areas of life. Nothing is perfect, especially relationships, and that’s because no one is perfect. Life isn’t a fiction novel. However, the degree to which you’re settling is the difference between being with just someone versus being with “the one.”   [Click Here to keep reading …]

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