Your 2014 Personal Year Numerology Forecast

2014-Birth-Number-Forecast-200Your Numerology Forecast: A New Year with New Possibilities

I am always excited about a new year. Why? Because it’s the beginning of a whole new cycle—a new Personal Year full of new possibilities.

Positive Progression

Numerology gives us two main maps to follow: the personal and the progressive. Your Personal Year is part of your progressive map—it’s all about you in relation to time. The strongest of all the progressive influences is your Personal Year. It starts at the year you were born (which will add up to your Life Path Number) and progresses forward from there.

Following the Calendar Year

Numerology cycles follow the calendar year, so each new year is the beginning of a new Personal Year. As the new year begins, the influence of the old Personal Year starts to wane and the strength of the new Personal Year becomes stronger. By February or March, last year’s influence has passed on and the new year’s influence is in full swing.

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The Calculation

Figuring out a Personal Year Number is simple. We reduce each number to its lowest single digit and then add them up and again reduce that number to the lowest possible number between 1 and 9.

Note: If you’re born in November or come up with a Master Number in your calculations (11, 22, 33), reduce that to the lowest possible number (11 = 2, 22 = 4 and 33 = 6).

Let’s use the birth date of June 19 as our example:

Month: June is the 6th month; June = 6

Day: The 19th (1+9=10 reduced to 1+0=1); the 19th = 1

Personal Year: In this case it’s 2014 (2+0+1+4); 2014 = 7

Add them all together:  Month (6) + Day (1) + Year (7) = 14 (1+4) = 5

This person’s Personal Year Number is 5.

What it all Means for You

A Personal Year Forecast in numerology holds all the keys to influences, obstacles and opportunities. There is a lot of information packed into the influence of your new Personal Year Number. Once you’ve calculated your own Personal Year Number, check out the overview below to see what 2014 has in store for you:

Here’s your Personal Year Numerology Forecast (Click Here)! 

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