Your Venus Love Horoscope for January 2014

Venus-Love-Horoscope-January-2014-150Your Love Horoscope: Towards Introspection

Since the first day of winter (December 21), Venus has put a hold on her travel plans and she’s decided to extend her stay in traditional, common-sense Capricorn. During the entire period covered by this Love Horoscope, Venus will be in retrograde right up until the last day of the month, when she turns direct again.

Simplicity in Action

As I mentioned in last month’s Venus love horoscope, Venus in Capricorn is simplicity in action. During January, while she’s in retrograde, you’ll be observing life through love’s more-sensible lens—deepening your most treasured connections and giving less and less energy to those more superficial. Can you think of a more befitting way to start the new year? Venus in Capricorn will assist you in cleaning house, keeping only what matters to you most.

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For each Sun Sign (and Rising Sign), Venus will focus on different parts of life, but in the end it all comes down to love. So what’s in store for your first Love Horoscope of 2014? Let’s see: [Click Here for your sign’s forecast.]

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