Your Money Horoscope for 2014

Your Money in 2014

Your Money in 2014

Your 2014  Money Highlights and Lowlights

Finances are no trip to the hairdresser—although one of those visits could easily set you back a bit, and while there are twelve months to every year the best way to view your money horoscope for 2014 is within the tiny strands of highlights and lowlights that happen at certain times during the year—namely, Venus transits, Mercury transits and New Moons mostly and especially in your money house.

However, it’s always wise to have your personal chart done to find the best financial days not just for your Sun Sign, but for you individually because you and your chart are unique.

Your career could have much to do with your money as well, but for now let’s just focus on finances and what the stars say about your Sun Sign (and Rising Sign) Money Horoscope for 2014: [click here to keep reading]

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