Preview Your December 2013 Horoscope

preview-december-horoscope-150Creativity Abounds in Your Horoscope

Neptune plays a big part in our creativity in your December Horoscope now that it is in full forward motion. That’s great since a lot of us are deciding to get creative with gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

The preview to your December Horoscope includes a New Moon in playful Sagittarius on the 2nd and a Full Moon in communicative Gemini on the 17th that gets fueled by some crazy and unpredictable Mars/Uranus energy. It all sounds a little mythical, but such is the magic of the centaur and the Sagittarius Moon.

Venus Vacations in Winter

The Winter Solstice is the headliner of December. As the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, we welcome winter (or summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). This is also the day when Venus turns retrograde. She’ll be on hiatus until January 31, 2014, so if you’re planning on proposing, getting engaged or moving in with someone, wait until February—Valentine’s Day might be good.

Also, there may be a few tense moments in December, but how you react to them is the key. Let cooler heads prevail.

A New Moon for a New Year

As we say farewell to 2013, know that we start 2014 with a hopeful group of planets in earthy Capricorn that includes a New Moon for a New Year.

There’s more going on in December; that was just a peek. Now let’s preview the December Horoscope for your Sun/Rising signs: [keep reading]

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