One of my favorite blogs (there are so many!) – But I just love this message and wanted to share. – thanks H&F

Sang Rouge Terre Blanc

As promised we present our Advent post.
The work below is similar to that which we have performed in previous years during the Advent Season. Should you wish to accompany us on this years Advent journey, you will be most welcome.

We understand that many of you will not wish to follow a traditional Christian path asking: “What has Advent to do with me?” Our focus here is upon a ‘Spiritual Advent’, which can be practiced/performed by those from any tradition.
Those who wish to make the Solstice their focal point, will need to begin working during the week beginning 25th November, so as to have four clear weeks in which to reach completion. Those who wish to retain the four Advent Sundays will need to start the work on Sunday 1st December.

Advent means ‘coming’. It is an anglicised version of the latin adventus, which is in turn a…

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