6 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Soulmates

lies-about-soulmates-150Soulmate Relationship Lies: What We Want to Believe

What is a soulmate? What does a soulmate relationship look and feel like? A soulmate is someone who is supportive, loving, trusting and doesn’t feel threatened by other relationships in your life. We can’t create soulmate relationships—they just are. The connection is undeniable and it has that “meant-to-be” feeling.

Not Your Soulmate, but Close

Sometimes, rather than admit that a connection isn’t all we hoped it would be, we tell ourselves lies about our “soulmates,” hoping we can make the relationship work or that it will become a soulmate connection, rather than facing the alternative of being alone and in search of love again.

Here are six common lies we tell ourselves about soulmates:

Lie 1: I Will Never Fight or Disagree with My Soulmate

Soulmate relationships aren’t always problem-free, but if you’re with the right person, then problems are like minor storms that you weather together. In a soulmate relationship, each person takes responsibility for the state of the relationship and works on making it better. In the end, it’s understood that you are stronger together than apart.

Like 2: My Soulmate Would be More Supportive of My Choices if They Weren’t so Busy

When we’re with someone who we think is our soulmate we often find it easier to make excuses for them and tell ourselves and others lies rather than face facts. If your “soulmate” doesn’t give you unconditional support, then they’re not your soulmate.

Lie 3: If You and Your Soulmate Have Problems, it’s Your Fault [keep reading …]

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