Your Weekly Money Horoscope for November 11–17, 2013

money-horoscope-november-11-150Your Money Horoscope: Signals and Opportunities

In this week’s money horoscope we begin with Mercury, which is no longer retrograde, but needs a few days to get back into full swing.

On the 12th the Sun in Scorpio interacts with Jupiter in Cancer and you can come up with some fabulous money-making ideas that you can implement almost immediately. Neptune, which has been retrograde since June, returns to forward motion, sparking your imagination.

If you need to charm anyone with your money-making ideas, the 15th would be the day to do it.

We end this week with an inspiring Full Moon in Taurus. Working in tandem with karmic Saturn, this Full Moon will show you the way to a more prosperous future. Watch for signals and be open to opportunities.

Now let’s see what the universe has in store for your money horoscope this week: [click here to continue]

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