Your Venus Horoscope for November 2013

Venus in NovemberVenus Reflects on Love

As November begins, Venus is enjoying her last few days of frolicking in nature. Venus has been on a sojourn—enjoying the company of friends and the social side of life, while also taking the time to reflect and philosophize about the mysteries and gravity of love. She has been soul seeking, and now, she’s ready to embark on her journey into Capricorn where she will stand on her ideals and enact the changes she wants to see in love and in the world around her.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus will occupy Capricorn for a very long time, due to her retrograde period next month, so you can take your time getting comfortable with Venus in this sign, knowing she will only leave once her desire, reflection and implementation have taken anchor in our hearts. At first glance you would not think Venus would be comfortable in Capricorn, yet she always finds a way to translate her message into the personality of the sign she occupies and in Capricorn, Venus is grounded in love, making bonds stronger while not being too outwardly mushy or messy about it. Here, she is not all about appearances in love—she seeks substance as well. She’s surprisingly romantic while remaining traditional in her beliefs, and if you have a bond with someone presently, it is likely to strengthen while Venus is in Capricorn, as long as you’re holding your weight in the relationship.

I often think of Venus walking into the halls of Capricorn, dressed to kill but understated so. Here, she understands the value of forming meaningful bonds and finds comfort in the reliable side of love—unfailing and all-giving.

So what does Venus have in store for your love horoscope this November? Let’s see: [click here to continue …]

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