Your Halloween Horoscope

Halloween Brings Light to the Dark

halloween-horoscope-150On October 31, the veil between the living world and the spirit world will be lifted, so don your costumes and light your lanterns, because Halloween is upon us.

Halloween, as it is celebrated in the U.S., stems from the ancient Celtic tradition of Samhain (summer’s end)—one of four yearly celebrations signaling the change of seasons. It’s a special time marking a mid-point in the year and also a time when the spirit world intermingles with the world of the living.

We wear costumes to disguise ourselves from bad spirits and carve and illuminate pumpkins to bring light to the dark. Candies and food are shared as well—places are set at the table in honor of souls passed, and candy is placed by doorways to appease the fairies.

On October 31, energetic Mars teams up with transformational Pluto—an optimal [… keep reading…]

2 thoughts on “Your Halloween Horoscope

    • Hope you had a wonderful day! It was a perfect warm and overcast day by me – perfect for the little fairies who were running around outside and knocking on doors for candy! Happy Halloween!

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