Soulmates: Lasting Love or Unfinished Business?

love-unfinished-business-150Love is the Soulmate’s Perfection

If you believe in soulmates than you believe in the power of love. But are all soulmate relationships an indication of lasting love, or an indication of unfinished business?

Bringing the Past into the Present

What is the soul’s purpose? To learn and grow, yes, but also to feel the joys of love. Thinking along those lines, you would have to believe that we have more than one lesson to learn and more than one lifetime to learn it in. Life is a symphony. We are the orchestra and the Universe is the maestro. We come here with a plan, and though we forget it the moment we are born, our lives, like a road map of time, intersect and interact both with our soul family’s lives as well as the lives of others who help us along the way. Hopefully they lead us to what we’re here to do, including finding lasting love (if that’s in the plan).

Soulmates: Lasting Love

If you’ve been lucky enough to find love, you may have already met your soulmate. Perhaps they came to this life with you to find you again and to experience the joy you both feel together in the physical form. When you meet your soulmate again, you’ll know that this is lasting love.   [Keep Reading …. (there’s more)]

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