Numerology: Your Personality Matches

Understanding Numerology and Personality Matches:

First Meeting—First Vowel

numerology-personality-150Did you know that when you first meet someone, you can tell a lot about who they are just by asking their first name? As amazing as it sounds, numerology provides insight into a person’s personality just by knowing  their first name—particularly the first vowel in their name. It’s a quick way to determine if their personality matches your own.

The Character of Their Characters

In numerology, you can break down a first name into three major components—the Cornerstone (the first initial in a first name), the Capstone (the last letter in a first name) and the First Vowel of someone’s first name.

The First Vowel in a person’s name sheds light on who they are just below the surface, and it gives a valuable glimpse into their inner workings, thereby giving you the ability to recognize compatibility and to see if your personality matches theirs.

So what’s your first vowel ?  Click here to read more – find out what it means if you’re an A, E, I, O or U (and sometimes Y).

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