Your Venus Love Horoscope for October

Venus and the Philosophy of Love

love-horoscope-october-150On October 7, Venus moves from the depths of the emotionally-sensitive and sometimes-choppy ocean of Scorpio into the more fiery, fun-loving and sometimes-philosophical sign of Sagittarius.

Venus has had her share of “moments” while in Scorpio, both good and bad, but now she’s ready to move into Sagittarius, where life can sometimes seem like a carefree romp. Your Venus love horoscope quite an adventure.

On October 10, Venus squares Neptune, and you might find yourself attracted to someone new. However, Neptune travels underwater and behind the scenes, so you may not have all the facts about your new situation. Sit back, enjoy the moment and see what happens.

The 16th is one of the best days in your Venus love horoscope for October. This is a five-star, flirt-alert day when Venus trines unpredictable Uranus. It’s a great day for getting out and mingling, and it’s also be a great day to release some excess energy—in any way you can think of.

So what else does Venus have in store for your love horoscope this October? Let’s see: [keep reading … click here to read your Sun Sign/Rising Sign Venus Love Horoscope]

Sorry it’s a little late in the month … but as they say, ‘It’s never too late for love.’  The 16th is promising for matters of the heart … and that is yet to come.  Live each day in love, and consider every day that you get to share it with someone a gift.

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