Feng Shui Your Bedroom – Simple Tips You Can Do Today

Turning Your Bedroom into a Bliss Room

feng-shui-bedroom-150Your bedroom should be your sanctuary—the place for you to unwind in and get a great night’s sleep. It’s also the place to get romantic with your partner! Using the principles of feng shui in your bedroom can bring you all that and more.

Feng shui goes beyond tidying up your bedroom and dusting off the furniture. Once you’ve made the choice to feng shui your bedroom, your whole world will seem a little lighter and brighter and the person you share your bedroom with will see it too. And if you don’t currently share your bedroom but hope to, you’ll want to follow these tips as well.

What You Don’t Want

If you want to feng shui your bedroom, then you don’t want a television, computer or treadmill in it. The only things you do want in your bedroom are items conducive to a restful, peaceful and joyful place to be.

Your Bedroom Furniture

Size matters. Your bed should be big enough for two and big enough to not only give both of you a good night’s sleep but also allow you to explore beyond the missionary position without falling onto the floor in the process.  [Click Here for More Tips …]

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