Your Weekly Money Horoscope for October 7–13, 2013

money-horoscope-october-7-150Your Money

On October 7, Venus moves into carefree and social Sagittarius and she doesn’t want to stay at home on the couch. Be careful not to let a free-spirit do some free-spending!

Cosmic Coupling

On Tuesday, money-minded Mercury will merge powers with karmic Saturn in Scorpio. Because Saturn is involved, something may seem “meant to be” but if it really is, it can also wait. Scorpio’s influence suggests that you may not have all the facts yet.

On Saturday, the Libra Sun squares financially-savvy Jupiter. This means it’s a good day to empty your wallet of any leftover gift cards if you feel like indulging yourself a little. Just don’t dip into resources needed elsewhere.

Now let’s look at you money horoscope for the week: – [click here to read the forecast for your Sun Sign/Rising Sign]


I’m a girl of my word – a while back I told my blogger buddies (you) that you’d get to see my Weekly Money Horoscope on Sundays – a day earlier than the public publishing (only published in the newsletter [subscription newsletter] or here on ArtfulArticles), but this week I got bumped from the “featured article” spot on Sunday for the Lovescope – makes sense since 1) most people want to know about two things: love and money; and 2) the truth in life is that nothing really lasts forever. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to offer the Money Horoscope on Sunday again or that I’ll never have the featured article again – I’m just letting you (my blogger buddies) know that I didn’t forget you or my promise. Thanks to all of you for what you share, for your kindness and for being my supportive extended family.




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