Daily Lovescope

Speaking of Lovescopes (my prior entry) here’s a fellow blogger who is right on point with his forecasts. If you don’t follow him already, you should.



Love Horoscopes – October 7, 2013


from – http://dailylovescopes.com

Aries: If you are unattached, you may be feeling frisky today. If so, use this energy to your advantage. Revel in your passions as you look for romance, but know you may meet someone who is much more than you had bargained for. Do not sell yourself short. You can play with the big dogs. Get your ass off the porch and show them what you are made of. If you are attached, things are not going so well as your insecurities have flared up again. You’re not really sure what is sparking this negativity and suspicion but you feel it in your bones. What is likely they case is that he or she has done something you recognize from your not so happy past. Though these two people share similarities, your current romance is very different and very…

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