Your Money Horoscope for October 2013

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There’s some good news hidden in this action-packed forecast. A difficult New Moon, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a Mercury Retrograde may test your money spending habits. Neptune, however, will give us a few moments of creativity and originality that could get us through some minor blips in our October money horoscope.

About Mercury Retrogrades

The coming Mercury retrograde isn’t the only headliner in the October money horoscope, but it is an important topic. For clarity’s sake, the strongest days of a Mercury retrograde influence are the four days surrounding the change in transit. Those are the days that it’s best to avoid signing contracts or buying expensive items as contracts may need renegotiation later and big-ticket items may not work the way they should.

The universe doesn’t expect you to put your whole life on hold during the entire retrograde period. However, there may be other influences during that period that should make you ask, “Do I need to do this now, or should I wait?” Your money horoscope has two such days—October 8 and 29 when Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Avoid doing anything financial on these days, if possible. Of course, free will always prevails, but forewarned is forearmed.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Along with the last Mercury retrograde of the year, October 18 brings us the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2013—another good day to lay low in the financial realm and not only because it’s so close to the Mercury retrograde.  [keep reading …]

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