Are You Clairaudient?

clairaudient-150Clairaudience: Hearing Divine Guidance

In the world of psychic abilities there are those who specialize in certain forms of ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. Three of these gifts are known as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, which when translated from 17th century French mean, clear-vision, clear-feeling/touching and clear-hearing/listening.

Something You May Have Heard

So what is clairaudience exactly? In a few words, clairaudience is hearing messages from the Divine or the Universe. If you’re clairaudient, it may be difficult at first to discern the subtle difference between hearing Divine Guidance and hearing the little voice inside your head (also known as your intuition) but in time the difference becomes more obvious.

Intuition and clairaudience are not the same, and to fully be able to rely on the gift of clairaudience one must understand the difference. They actually feel very different and when you receive Divine Guidance, you just know it’s coming from the Universe, making it an almost clairvoyant (clear-knowing) experience.

Receiving Guidance

The messages that a clairaudient might receive can come from angels, guides, loved ones on the other side—the experience is different for everyone, but it always feels like Divine Guidance. Getting messages in the form of a song is a pretty common […keep reading]

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    • Thanks Sonny, that was nice of you and I hope it helps. Quieting them (like when you want to sleep) isn’t always easy – especially for me because I always feel like I’m missing out something important LOL.

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