Your Weekly Money Horoscope

money-horoscope-august-26-150Sneak Peak

Your Weekly Money Horoscope for August 26-September 1, 2013

 Your Money After the Storm

This week’s money horoscope begins with an ending and ends with the beginning of a brighter period. Go out and celebrate Labor Day weekend with a smile.

Like any hurdle we jump or any storm we survive, we review recent events and look for the best way to move forward. If you were left untouched by all the star-studded antics of the last few days, consider yourself blessed. The good news is, it gets better.

Mercury is communicating with financially savvy Jupiter on Friday, so if you have agreements to sign, wait until Friday and the days that follow for the best results. Sunday offers the best day to discuss finances with someone who knows their stuff.  [click here to keep reading ]

Lucky you … as an awesome subscriber to my blog you get a special sneak peak of the Weekly Money Horoscope, which is only available to subscribers to the blog – and it’s my honor to share it with you all.  Thank you for your comments, your likes, your support and thank you for creating the awesome content that I love viewing each and every day. 

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