How to Recognize Signs from the Universe

signs-150Listen to the Universe and See the Signs

The Universe is a great, big, spiritual life force and it sends us messages all the time. All we have to do is learn how to recognize the signs from the Universe and accept the help that’s offered. There are angels, spirit guides and even the souls of friends and family who have passed on all helping us from beyond. We get Universal assistance from various sources, whether we know it or not.

Examples of Signs

A huge sign that jumps out to catch your attention, a single word spoken by a passerby, the little voice that seems to come from within—any and all of these can be signs. If we can connect the dots between personal thought and the signs put before us, we can realize how blessed and how guided we really are.

The best way to recognize the signs we’re given is to just be accepting of the fact that they exist. The more tuned in you are, the more you will recognize and receive the signs from the Universe. [keep reading …]


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