You’re the Reason I’m Grateful

I’m truly blessed this week – first with the good news about my Weekly Money Horoscope on CaliforniaPsychics’ blog, where I’ve been writing for over 2 1/2 years, and now the article I wrote for, which you may have peaked at here, “When Friendships End,” has had the artistic help of some savvy editors on YourTango and is now this week’s featured article this week on their website’s front page, now entitled, “How to Have an Easy Breakup … With Your Best Friend.”

featured article

Do I mind having my title re-written?  Yes and no.  I must admit, it’s much better than the original and I do know the value and importance of a good title, so I’m a little humbled by it.  Especially since I follow copywriters and article writers, all of whom say, “The most important part of your article is the title.”  It’s true – if a title doesn’t grab you and pull you in, you’re not going to read it.

Do I mind that there were a few edits to the body of my article?  Absolutely not.  I appreciate what a good editor does for a writer.  Heck if it wasn’t for a little suggesting and re-writing here and there over the years, my writing would be far worse – it’s very hard to read your own writing with a critical eye, and that’s what your readers do – not critical in a harsh way, but critical as in if there’s one stupid typo it throws the reader “off.”  They lose the rhythm of the words and at very worst, they stop reading the rest of your work.

You’re never too old to learn.

I have to credit most of my love of writing to my Mom who used to tell me to “Learn a new word every day.”  I took it to heart and soon fell in love with words and the emotions they could both purge and elicit.

Editors, at least the few I’ve been lucky enough to work with, are the backbone of good read – and without this editor’s help and the help of YourTango’s staff, I wouldn’t be on the front page of their site today, and I’m ecstatic about it.  Thanks to them and to the readers of my blog and all my articles.  You’re the reason I end each day with a great big, grateful “Thank You.”

featured article  How to Have an Easy Breakup … With Your Best Friend

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